Coconut Curry Chicken Thighs

A delicious, incredibly easy recipe to make for the whole family.   Serves: 4  

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Clean up Your Sleep Hygiene, Improve your Health

  Have you heard of sleep hygiene? Well, some would argue that sleep hygiene is

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Time-Saving Tips for a Healthy Diet

    Starting a new, healthier eating plan might seem time-consuming at first. The good

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fresh & healthy

Where does the fat go? And other questions about weight loss.

I have always maintained that knowledge is power. It is often assumed that dietitians choose

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Fit Into Your Genes – the DNA-based Diet of the Future

The personalised approach to diet may finally be upon us with the DNA-based diet of

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No Diet and Weight Loss

The No-Diet Approach to Weight Loss

By Kim Martin, RD Welcome to couple’s therapy. This simple approach is all about healing

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Bok choi

Fermented Foods – What You Need to Know

  Fermented foods are an example of a “new” old trend. Having been around for

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How to Build a Healthy Smoothie

Lately I have had a few events to which I decided to bring smoothie tasters. I

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Memory Trees

Feeling Forgetful? Eat These for your Memory.

    Struggling to remember where you left your car keys? There are many causes

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fruit and vegetable juices in glasses

Vegetable Juicing – a Dietitian’s Perspective

  Vegetables are good for you – fact. Is shoving them into a machine to

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food myths

Food Myths – Busted

  If you have any pre-conceived ideas about Cacao vs Cocoa, Fruit Juice, Milk and

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Iron Man Finisher

Testimonial: Interview with an Iron Man

As a Brief Background: Daniel Martin (27) recently completed his first Half Iron Man in

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Why Grandma was Right P1 – Bone Broth

Before additives, preservatives and flavorants were added to foods to make them tasty, there were

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eating chocolate bar

Foods that Boost Your Mood

Like with every topic, there are two sides to this one. Firstly there are some

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plate, knife and fork heart

What To Eat When You Go Out

  One of the biggest issues in any diet is sustainability. No, you will not

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VItamin Mineral Supplement

How To Choose A Vitamin or Mineral Supplement

Why are vitamin and mineral supplements so popular? For those among us who do not

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The Dangers of Being “Skinny Fat”

  What is the difference between being thin and healthy, and being thin and unhealthy

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cup of soup

Winter Weight Gain Can Wait!

Two words: COMFORT FOOD. Even on the North Coast where the temperature barely even drops,

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hormones balance

4 Surprising Food Groups that Affect Your Hormones

  I’m sure we are all familiar with the fact that women are complicated! Just

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smiling woman PCOS

Low Carbohydrate Diet for PCOS – Worth Considering?

Recently, a friend asked me for advice on the diet for poly-cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

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