Solutions to Fussy Eating

Parents, particularly mothers, desperately want and need to feed their children enough food. It is

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Body Composition – The Numbers You Need to Know (Info graphic)

  I am sure there is no introduction needed here. As a dietitian I do

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Go Further and Faster – Dietary supplements you need to boost athletic performance, and yes they are legal!

We may not all be training for the Comrades or Iron Man, but for those

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Understanding Food Labels – InfoGraphic

Food Labels can be completely confusing and VERY misleading. As a result, we end up

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Food For Skin Health

The Fountain of Youth Starts In Your Kitchen – Eating Habits for Graceful Ageing

Ever noticed that healthy people seem to have gong “glow” about them? Well good nutrition goes

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Healthy Baking Substitutions – Infographic

  We are all completely committed to healthy eating, right?  However, there are some days

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hungry person

Fast Weight Loss? – an objective look at Intermittent Fasting

Two of the latest buzz-words on the scene in the nutrition and diet media which

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Happy man jumping for joy on the peak of the mountain. Success

Cure Bowel Disease, Now!

By Kim Martin, RD Phrases like “gut dysfunction” and “bowel disease” conjure up ghastly images

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Eat for Your Teeth

By Kim Martin, RD A healthy and nutritious diet is incredibly important to maintain strong

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How to Start at the Beginning

By Kim Martin, RD At the back end of our favourite time of year –

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5 Habits of Highly Successful Weight Losers

By Kim Martin, RD Regardless of the specific diet (be it Mediterranean, low fat, low

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The Lowdown on Fructose

By Kim Martin, RD Robet Lustig has called fructose the “alcohol without the buzz”, and

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relaxation under the sun

Made To Move – the benefits of exercise beyond weight loss

By Kim Martin, RD After a celebratory, over-indulgent evening (or weekend) most of us feel

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Are You Stressing Out Your Gut?

By Kim Martin, RD We all know that stress is bad for us. We lose

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Perfect waist

Weight-to-Go with LCHF

By Kim Martin, RD Introduction Low carbohydrate (LC) diets are promoted as a means for

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Meal plan

Diet Confusion – how do we choose what’s best, or who to believe?

By Kim Martin, RD The media love idealizing a new weight loss cure – a

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Full Fat Dairy – for the win!

By Kim Martin, RD The evidence is there. Throw out your low fat or, even

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