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ABOUT Dietitian Kim

I was raised on weird and wonderful foods. These included cod liver oil, green powders, and homemade easter eggs (that were stuffed with nuts and seeds in place of sweets).  Thanks to this strong influence, I grew up with a desire to learn more about nutrition, but had developed a restrictive mindset believing that there was no place for “unhealthy” foods.

I qualified as a Dietitian in 2013, then completed a 2 year Diploma in Sports Nutrition with the International Olympic Committee of Australia, still living with a restrictive mindset towards food.




Restriction led to unwanted weight gain, low mood and energy levels and all around discontent with my own body. In 2017 however I came across the Intuitive Eating model and finally learnt how to embrace Food Freedom, to stop categorizing foods as “good” or “bad”, to fully love myself and my body NOW, and how to satisfy cravings without compromising my health. This lead to a love for exercise and movement, a renewed love for food and nutrition, and most importantly a restored relationship with my own body. This model truly can transform your relationship with food and your body – for good!


You should never ever exercise because of feelings of guilt or fear, or as a punishment. Our bodies are made to move, and that movement should be enjoyable even when challenging.

Choose to move your body with exercises that YOU enjoy. There are SO many different types of exercise out there, so feel free to explore what feels good to YOU. 

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Stress and anxiety are toxic for our health. Here are 5 quick ways for you to De-Stress right now:

1. Do something relaxing such as reading, or taking a hot bath.

2. Practice some deep breathing exercises.

3. Take 5 – 10 minutes to meditate.

4. Go for a walk or gentle run.

5. Do something creative such as journalling, drawing or painting.






When we let go of fear and guilt surrounding our health, we can much more easily embrace the freedom from restriction that comes with a healthy diet and lifestyle program.

Seeing a registered Dietitian can help you take your health to the next level. More importantly you can do this whilst still enjoying the best that life has to offer us.

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