Lately I have had a few events to which I decided to bring smoothie tasters. I have been posting a few of my own smoothie breakfasts and dinners on my Instagram account as well. This has resulted in a LOT of comments and private messages as to how I even begin to build a smoothie, so why not write a post on it?

I decided to keep it simple and allow for LOTS of variations. We all have different tastes and different nutrition goals, so please play around and experiment.

You can use the following format as a guideline for making a healthy and delicious smoothie:


·       Ice & water (½ cup to 1 cup)  

  ·       Coconut milk (½ cup to 1 cup)

  ·       Greek yoghurt (¾ cup)

  ·       Full cream milk (½ cup)


·       Frozen banana (½ to 1 whole)

  ·       Frozen berries (½ cup)

  ·       Coconut milk (½ cup) or coconut cream (use ¼ cup)

  ·       Avocado (½ to 1 whole)


·       2 tbsp chia seeds

  ·       1-2 tbsp whey protein

  ·       1-2 tbsp nuts or nut butter

  ·       1 serving Hemp/Spirulina/Pea Protein Powder


·       Spinach or kale leaves (1 – 2 handfuls)

  ·       Fruits (limit to <4 servings where 1 equals ½ cup chopped )

  ·       Maca powder (antioxidant, and for hormone balancing)

  ·       Goji berries (powerful antioxidant)

  ·       Baobab powder (rich in antioxidants)

  ·       Mesquite powder (rich in minerals) 

  ·       Camu Camu powder (very high in vitamin C)

  ·       Other vegetables (½ cup to 1 cup) e.g. broccoli


  ·       Cacao powder (1 tbsp approx.) 

  ·       1 tbsp xylitol / tip of a tsp stevia powder / 1 tbsp erythritol

  ·       1 tsp honey

  ·       Handful of frozen berries

  ·       Coffee

Now this guide is just my own way of building a smoothie, but the specifics in terms of carbohydrate content, protein content and fat content will vary based on your own health status.

If you still need some advice as to how to fit healthy smoothies into your daily diet plan, contact me here. Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram or Facebook page for daily updates and health tips.