I offer a wide variety of Services to suit your needs. My goal is to help you, or your company, achieve wellness. This means meeting your nutritional needs, within your budget, and taking into account the demands of your lifestyle.

We all deserve to feel our healthiest selves. Choose the option best suited to you, or your company, below to get started!



Individual Rate

Double/Couple Rate

Family Rate

Initial Consultation

60 – 90 minutes


R990.00 (R495.00 pp)

R990.00 for two adults +R225 per child

Meal Plan Handover and Meal Plan Consultation

30 – 60 minutes


R750.00 (R375.00 pp)

R750.00 for two adults +R225 per child

Follow Up Consultation

60 minutes


R750.00 (R375.00 pp)

R750.00 for two adults +R225 per child

Vitality Assessment

30 minutes


R450.00 pp

R450.00 pp


Please Note: This practice is cash-based meaning payment is strictly required on the day of the consultation. After receipt of payment you will be issued a statement in order to submit to your medical aid for reimbursement.

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Sleep Hygiene and Your Health

Sleep Hygiene and Your Health

Have you heard of sleep hygiene? Well, some would argue that sleep hygiene is one of the most important determinants of health. Aside from crankiness, brain fog, and general inability to function at our best, did you know that poor sleep actually makes you gain weight...