Starting a new, healthier eating plan might seem time-consuming at first. The good news is that the more you pursue healthy eating, the easier and quicker it becomes. Here are my top time-saving health tips to help make this transition easier.

1. Use Salads in a Jar

Salads can be kept crisp and fresh despite being made in advance. Personally, I cannot stand a soggy salad, so this discovery was a revelation to me. Set aside time one evening to prepare salads in airtight containers and save yourself time for the next 3 – 5 days. Start your salad building with the wettest, heaviest ingredients on the bottom i.e. dressing, tomatoes (if sliced) and cucumber. Next layer the lightest, driest ingredients, such as your lettuce, on top. Shake your salad just before eating and enjoy a crisp salad.


2. Use Overnight Oats

Would you believe that oats do not need to be cooked to become soft? All that you need to do is assemble the raw oats in an airtight container, cover with your liquid of choice (water/milk/yogurt), add your desired toppings, and then your favourite final touches e.g. a sprinkle of cinnamon or xylitol. Leave the container overnight in the fridge, and enjoy a fuss-free breakfast in the morning. For some overnight oats recipes, click here.

3. Make Egg Muffins

These tasty, and healthier, alternatives to the breakfast muffin are really simple to make and can be keep in the fridge for 3 – 4 days! Whenever you make a batch of egg muffins, always make extra so that you can have something healthy to grab for a quick breakfast (or snack). Frittatas or “crustless quiches” can be kept in the same manner.

To make egg muffins all you need is ¼ cup chopped vegetables of choice, and 1 egg per muffin tray. Grease a muffin tray with coconut oil, and heat the oven to 180’C. Place the vegetables in the muffin trays, and beat the eggs before pouring over the vegetables. Let them bake for ±30minutes and eat fresh or keep in the fridge.

4. Make Bigger Batches

This sounds pretty obvious, but it needs to be mentioned. Whenever you make a dish containing chicken or fillet or lean mince, make extra so that you can throw the leftover chicken into a salad, or even just grab some as a snack when your blood sugar hits a low.

5. Keep healthy spreads and seed crackers at home

Woolworths “carb clever” seed crackers or Spar’s LifeBake Seed Crackers are both great options to keep available at home for an easy to grab snack. Spread some hummus or plain cream cheese or cottage cheese on top for a protein-based, fiber-rich snack.

Final Thoughts

These time-saving health tips are all ones that have helped me on my journey to achieving health, and I trust that they will do the same for you. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these out, and how they worked for you.

If you want more time-saving health tips, or your very own personalised meal plan, then get in touch today.