Two words: COMFORT FOOD.

Learn how to prevent unnecessary weight gain in winter, and keep your body in shape all year round.

Somehow winter is synonymous with hot chocolate, rusks and the muffin (top).

Inevitably, when winter comes to a close we all want our Summer Beach Body. How about we start our preparation early this year? Here are some quick and completely feasible tips to fight the war on winter weight gain.


1. Keep it Tight

Usually when I say this I mean your abs, bums and thighs, but this time I am referring to keeping your clothing well-fitted. Did you know that wearing loose clothing can lead you to overeat? Imagine you are curled up on the couch with your hot chocolate with a biscuit or two (preferably chocolate), what are you wearing? 9 times out of 10 you will imagine an oversized t-shirt and some “comfy pants”. So avoid the urge to bring out your least fitted clothes and rock the bag lady look this winter.


2. Love Tea Time

Herbal teas (or good quality coffee) are good ways to fill the stomach up and give you that warm comforting feeling you want when there is a chill in the air. Also, both green tea and coffee have appetite suppressant AND metabolism boosting effects! Skip the sugar of course (this should become your new mantra).


3. Serve Soups and Salad

Soups are probably the best part about colder weather, who doesn’t love a homemade butternut soup? Veggie-packed soups are fantastic to serve with a good serving of salad on the side and perhaps some protein. Also, give vegetable proteins a try and use lentils or bulgar in your soups. Try to skimp on the bread servings though.


4. Get your Vitamin D

We are all very conscious of the effects of sun damage and the risk of skin cancer, but as a result might be vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with a whole host of conditions that you do not want. This nutrient is so essential I may write a whole article on it, but for now, trust me, you need it. We are lucky enough to still have glorious weather throughout winter so do make an effort to get 20 minutes on your skin as often as possible. And not just your neck and arms, I’m talking about full legs and even stomach if you can.


5. Walk the Workout

Gyms are known to be quietest in the winter months. Why do we get so lazy? Even if you cannot stomach the thought of a gym routine when it is cold, do try and get a 30minute brisk walk in most days of the week. This type of exercise is easy on your joints, will help you to de-stress, and improve your cardiovascular system in the process. Exercise WILL help you on your road to health and happiness.

Above all try not to let your health go through different seasons, you are not a tree. Imagine feeling confident that underneath the winter layers, that beach body is ready.


All year long you should live well, eat well and keep active. This is the best way to prevent weight gain in winter.


If you need more assistance with preventing weight gain in winter, get in touch for a personalised meal plan today.